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The post opalcat deleted and censored.

Hey all- here's a PSA that opalcat has been returned as a mod now. She has also managed to get Joshthevegan's LJ account suspended (for now).

I guess all our mod work goes down the drain now- for example, we know opalcat doesn't like tags and has complained that we added them. I know Josh and other mods spent a lot of time going through old posts and tagging them so old posts and info would be easier to find. I personally spent a decent amount of time cleaning up users on here (who had deleted journals) and the userinfo for the community.

Here are some prime links of opalcat's modding ability, and instances where users asked for mod intervention/ help in the past and received none.

no mod

abuse, no mod

no mod

no mod

swearing at users, bad modding

I wish you all well... it was nice that there was some peace in the community for a while.

deleted posts, abuse, no mod

no mod

no mod, again

you guessed it, no mod

no mod

I'm not even saying no mod anymore because that's almost all of them, there is one about spam not being taken care of I will get to soon enough, and I'll mark it


this one is re:spam as well as no mod



maybe more to come

Jul. 22nd, 2009

Following a discussion I had with bizwac, the user eleuthreophile is being reinstated in the community, though with a 1st warning.

ETA: User asked to be reinstated, and though they posted screen caps of protected entries, etc. they have been active in the past, and we felt they deserved a second chance.
How would yall feel about adding a rule regarding personal-journal-ish posts?

"Please refrain from posting topics that do not stimulate conversation among the community as a whole. 'I made tofu for the first time!' and 'I discovered my cat-sitter is a vegetrian, too!' belong in your personal journal. You can add community relevence by sharing a recipe, asking a question, etc."

...something like that. Thoughts?

Tag spamming

Someone has just tag spammed all (but shazzy's) of the recent 25 entries in vegetarian.  By this I mean they added all possible tags to each entry - take a look and you'll see what I mean.

I can't remove them because I'm not a mod.  I'd suggest (temporarily) making it impossible for users to tag entries and grant it again in a week or two in secret.

I've never seen this before and it's totally fucked up.  I doubt there's any way to track who's doing this.

ETA: Also, an sf_d comment links to kirbyish's journal. Not cool, but it's anonymous so you can't do anything. However, it's interesting to note that the previous comment was at 09:15 and this one was at 11:07, meaning there was a two hour gap between comments. Then, queerdo makes the next comment four minutes later. Highly suspicious.

But I probably don't have to tell you guys to keep an eye on hir.

List of users who have been banned

eleuthreophile - Attacked another member, and refused to calm down. This is only one example of many.

ieatedyourcooki - Posted a screen cap of a protected entry.

pretty_fish - Joined our community simply for lulz, and barely beat the moderated membership change. Posted saying they had reason to believe they would not be awarded membership otherwise.

MOD POST- Layout!

Whaddya think?

Nice and boring and easy to read. The icon on the sidebar will be the vegetarian icon, and all the tags will be listed below the calendar. I already switched the comments back to the default style.


Alrighty, so the general consensus is... the vegetarian layout sucks. I'm with ya on that one 100%. Please feel free to make some suggestions! I figured we could come up with a few we like (we = everyone, mods and members) and then take a vote in vegetarian.

I personally like styles where everything is separate, like Minimalism, Component, Flexible Squares, and this one. Tell us whatcha think!

Also- I'm adding new communities and links to the community info page, since a lot of the old ones were dead. Lemme know what you think belongs there.

New layout?

Hi, can I put in a request for a new layout on vegetarian? I find the current one too wide and the comment threads difficult to read. A few other people agree.

The layout you have here is good - something like this on vegetarian would be great. Thanks!


Are there actually mods here?

ETA: And while we're at it, why are the other 7 posts that are currently in this community locked?